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  • Message from CAE Meeting: Exerpted on Nov. 9, 2017
  • National Cybersecurity Awareness Month on Monday, October 30, 2017 (5pm - 8pm at Rotunda)

  • Courses

    Mercy College offers BS and MS Programs in Cybersecurity. Accelerated BS+MS Program in Cybersecurity allows students to earn the BS and MS degrees in five years.

    The table below shows the columns of semester/year and the rows of course categories. Most courses on each box can be clicked to display detailed course information and materials.

    In each row, there are courses listed from left to right. Students are recommend to start the course on the left first, then those the next course on its right, and so forth all the way to the last course on the right. In this way, students can become a professional on that category. For example, students can take CISC131, CISC231, CISC311, CISC411 and IASP455 to beomce an expert in coding.

    In each column, there are courses listed from top to bottom. Students are recommend to take those courses listed in each column for each semester/year. For example, students should complete CISC131, CISC231, MATH122 and MATH244 in year 1.

    Undergraduate (BS in Cybersecurity)
    Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
    Fall Spring Fall Spring Fall Spring Fall Spring Capstone





    Study Plans for Developers Operators

    The table below shows five categories of the graduate courses offered by the department. The "core" courses appear on the left, and next to it the rest caterized courses appear from top to bottom. Most courses on each box can be clicked to display detailed course information and materials.

    In the "core" couse category, studetns should take in their first semester.

    After completing the core courses, students should take any courses but meet the following restriction:

    • Take one course at least from each category of Applications, Networks, Legal/Management
    There is no order in each row in this table, only if the core courses are complete.
    Graduate (MS in Cybersecurity)





    Jobs and Placements
    Please visit the positions listed as below. We want you to contact directly the company or the employer that you are interested in.
    Some of Our Graduates are working for:

    People and Research
    Go to the Mercy College Cybersecurity Education Center website.

    For any comments, please contact John Yoon.