National Cyber League, Spring 2018

Students Rank
Christopher Flatley 70 (out of 1867)
Eno Udo 509 (out of 1867)
[Team] Christopher Flatley, James Pak, Michael DeBiase, Eno Udo, Luis Rivers 12 (out of 97)
This semester for the NCL competition we have 13 people seriously interested in participating. Registration closes on the 25th of March.

Team registration does not need to be done until after the regular (individual) competition is done and based on that we will be able to form teams. We do not need to do the post season (team) registration now, only the regular (individual one).

Registration closes on the 25th of March. For the individual competition it is still $25 per person. The team cost has changed from a per team cost to now $10 per player.
The total cost needed for the 13 players now would be $325.